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P90x Review

Submitted by on Monday, 16 January 201235 Comments
P90x Review


Rating by Chelsea: 4.5 Stars
Review Updated: Jan 16.

Chelsea’s P90X review

Before I begin, if you want to check out Bryan’s P90x Results just CLICK HERE, otherwise keep reading for my review.


First lets start with the basics, P90X is a 90 day at home fitness routine. It uses what Tony Horton has coined as “muscle confusion” to prevent hitting a plateau in your training. P90x combines cardio, strength training, core training, and flexibility into its workouts.   The program has three “rotations”—classic, lean, and doubles, we did the classic so this review will be focusing on that rotation.


The program not only gives you amazing workouts, but it gives you a very great nutrition guide.  Along with the guide it provides an easy list of foods that are more and less favorable to consume while working out. There are the obvious good foods such as fruits and vegetables, and then there are the obvious bad foods such as pastries, desserts, and soda pop. I really like the food guide though because there are five levels of foods and it explains to you which ones you can have all the time and which ones you should consume in moderation or not at all.


A word of caution. These workout are extremely intense but very effective. If you follow along as best you can throughout the workout your stamina will improve and so will your overall fitness.  I began seeing results after the first two weeks. They weren’t dramatic, but all good things take time, and it made me feel good knowing that things were starting to change. The workout routines run from around 50 minutes to 80 minutes depending on which routing you are doing that day. This time also includes a five to ten minute warm up and a five to ten minute cool down. P90x recommends you  do a minimum of six workout routines a week with the seventh day left as a stretch day or a do an optional relaxation day.


Unlike I expected, the p90x workouts were fun. I never felt bored, or that I was doing the same thing day after day. You target a new group of muscles each day so you never over work any certain area, but you will be sore for the first week or so. Tony Horton is also a very engaging instructor and host. He has a light and comical aura that made me laugh throughout the workouts. He also made me feel compelled to work my hardest and finish the workouts, even when I was exhausted.  But he also always stresses good form and quitting before you hurt yourself.  He is so likable, I almost felt as though he would know I was quitting and would be disappointed in me.  Haha! all in all i would say that P90X is a very worthwhile workout routine. The online help and support you get is wonderful too. You can chat with fellow P90X’ers and find helpful tips, tricks, and recipes to help you continue your weight loss or fitness journey.  They also offer daily prizes in the “Million Dollar Body Game” like iPods, digital camera’s and more for just logging your daily workouts on your Beachbody account that comes with p90x. One of the main things that sold me about P90x was the 90 day money back guarantee.  If I was not 100% happy I could get my money back, however I was much happier than I could have imagined.


What are you waiting for?  Try P90x Now


If you would like some more information about buying P90x, and how to get it cheap, check out all of the details on the Buy P90x page


If you have tried p90x or have any questions about the p90x workout, I urge you to leave a comment with your p90x experiences or questions and I will answer them as soon as possible.  Have a great day!


  • Janice said:

    Thanks for the good review. P90x recommends you do a minimum of six workout routines a week with the seventh day left as a stretch day or a do an optional relaxation day. That does take quite a bit of work, between the well planned out workouts, and the hard work that you have to put in, I see why the p90x workout works so well

  • bob levine said:

    Great workout…humbles those of us who “think” we,re in shape…fun, variety but extreme for sure. 4eeing results keeps me motivated and wanting to continue to improve…if you are committed, you can do it! Thanks P90X team!

  • Nick said:

    Great review Chelsea!

    I definitely agree with you on the point that Tony is a comical guy. For me, that makes p90x a lot more enjoyable, its quite funny that I actually enjoy doing my daily workout 🙂 I said something similar in my p90x review. Keep up the good, hard work!


  • Rob said:

    This P90X Program definitely works, as long as you stick to the plan. The variety of exercise modules keeps the same muscles from being over-used. It’s very intense. You will notice a difference in the way your body looks and feels in just 2-weeks. Expect to be very sore for the first 2-4 weeks, then it gets easier.

  • Robert said:

    At age 51 a diabetic I needed to do something to get off the couch. Truly I had become a couch potato at only 5’11” I was peaking at 220 and lots of flubber. My blood sugars were off the chart and my doctor had ordered me on insulin. Once you go on insulin it never ends.
    So I bought a copy of P90X. I’ve tried dozens of other programs with never any luck. I’ve not been totally dedicated due to work but I’ve done enough to get my sugar under control, loose almost 20 pound 1 and 1/2 pant sizes all in 60 days. It’s crazy, but it’s great it mixes up the workout enough to keep me from getting bored. I’ve been following the diet program which is essential to the weight loss. So today I stepped on the scale and looked at 201 and a blood sugar and heart rate that has my doctor baffled. Friends are like you do that? and it’s working. It takes some level of dedication and self control, there is no cheating I use the diet plan as my bible to eating.
    Okay lets just say even with my busy schedule and erratic workouts this is working. Each day I do a different workout but always fall back to Ab Ripper X I got my first cuts, I’ve never had cuts before, I always had a kegger now I’ve got a 1 and 1/2 pack.
    I cheated on P90X plus by using the pause button when I couldnt keep up but caught my breath then hit play again.
    Bought a set of those adjustable dumbles this weekend and in 3 days got some awsome pop and definition going. Even with the corny jokes this program is working, I’ve not been this athletic and in good heatlth in years.I’ve actually reversed some of the my diabetic problems. I’m a convert. I’m on day 70 now and going strong. Test results from the lab came in. My sugar A1C is below 7% my cholesterol is 106 just incredible. And this is just doing it part time. Still not looking good enough to post a picture but feeling good and the test results made it all worth it.
    I think my couch is missing me.

  • loven said:

    I really love the p90x product. It may not be easy the easiest workout but that is why you’ll have such a great reward if you really follow it.

  • Jayon Robinson said:

    I have been using P90X since the 1st of Nov. 2010 I have seen the change in my body. I will be honest. I do more workouts with addition to P90X. All in all P90X is a good investment, IF you are going to commit to it. Most people buy these workout videos and do it for 1-2 weeks and it collects dust or serves as a coaster. P90X keeps you movitated and challenges you. I have had friends and family tell me they see the change in my body, now the same friends and family are looking to get P90X.

  • Christian said:

    I’m only 14 but I love working out. I’ve done the Insanity 60-day challenge before. I loved it, but I really want to try P90X. Hopefully I will be able to try this workout soon as well.

  • Big abe said:

    To chris or whomever: Im deciding which video I want to use..i want to know if I should go with the get insane workout or go wit p90x??

  • Chris said:

    Hi Abe,

    P90x and Insanity are both great workouts, but they aim to accomplish different goals. P90x combines cardio workouts, strength training, yoga, flexibility, and a top notch diet plan. P90x will help you cut body fat, as well as get stronger. Insanity on the other hand is almost exclusively cardio, you will be doing exercises similar to football drills, including lunges and jumps. Some of the insanity workouts are able to burn over 1000 calories within a single hour. So you have to chose if your goal is to exclusively lose weight and improve your cardio/calisthenics, you might want to pick Insanity. If you want to get an intense all around workout program to lose weight, gain muscle, as well as improve your cardio and flexibility you will want P90x.

  • Rohnda said:

    I’m just learning of the P90X program. From all of the reviews I’ve seen and word of mouth testimonies to, I can see that it really works for people. I have just one concern, with a not so great knee, would I still be able to benefit from the workout routine or would I not be able to fully participate do to the amount of impact? By the way I am overweight, but a pretty active person with absolutely no other health issues. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.


  • Chelsea said:


    I would encourage you to still do P90x even if your knee is “not so great”. The program shows you a lot of different ways you can modify the moves that would normally be high impact to lessen the load your knee. Tony Horton himself claims to have “bum” knee, and there is even a participant in the workout video who is a prosthetic leg. If they can do it, so can you!! I hope that helps!

  • Gino said:


    In most of P90X’s workouts, there’s always en alternate version of each exercise. For example, in DVD #2 (Plyometrics – some jump training) there’s a version for low-impact movements for people with knee problems. In the same workout, there’s even a participant that has a prosthetic leg!


  • gabe said:

    Did anyone on here struggle with doing the full hour,because I have and would like to hear some opinions please

  • Chris said:


    I have talked with a lot of people who struggled completing the whole workout when they first started. The program can be very tough, which is why they offer modified moves, and tell you to work at your own pace. As long as you keep doing the best you can, you will continually see improvement throughout the entire program.

  • Bobby said:

    I’m 68 years young and am in my 10th week of my second round of P90X. I’ve only missed one workout in this time. I play ice hockey 2 days a week and ride my bicycle 20-50 miles per week. I have gone from 263 to 222 since last August.(I am 6’5″) I feel better than I did in my 40’s and 50’s. All my athletic ability has improved greatly. I also have a knee where I completely shredded my front meniscus and tore both sides. The Dr wanted to replace my knee but then wouldn’t let me play hockey so he cleaned it up, I’ve lost the weight and it rarely bothers me at all. I can’t say enough good things about the program. Every aspect of my life has improved and I’m told I look great. As Tony says,”do your best and forget the rest!”

  • Daniele said:

    I like your review. I have been looking for a good work out program to recommend to my members. I have a healthy weight loss site. The p90x seems to get good results in just 90 days. Thats impressive. I like a lot of aerobics and this seems to fit the bill.
    thanks again,
    Daniele Francis

  • P90X Beginner said:

    I have always been very athletic, been involved in many sports, and tried many programs throughout my life. I have not seen a workout and nutrition program that is as complete as P90X. Yes it is extreme, and yes it is instense, but the results are absolutely worth it. I am only a few weeks in but already seeing a huge change.

  • dylan said:

    im i skinny guy im 5,10 140 pounds im about 8 percent body fat, but im not cut or toned, not fat at all just not toned. so my goal is to gain mucsle lbs and get cut at the same time, is p90x right for me, or in other word can it be used by someone thats not trying to lose weight?

  • Zach said:

    That’s my problem…I don’t want to be sore, but I know I gotta push past it. How do you all get mentally prepared?

  • Jose said:

    Hi, I’m planing on starting the P90X workout soon but I wanted to know…. I have something called a (CONTOUR) which basically looks like a back brace but electronicaly sends shocks to your abb muscles and makes them compres to build abbs. My question is would it be ok for me to use the CONTOUR everyday while on the P90X workout and expect better results or would the CONTOUR disrupt the whole muscle confusion from the P90X workout since P90X is based on muscle confusion and I would be working on my abbs everyday with the CONTOUR?

  • Richard said:

    Just finished the P90X program with my 16 yr old son. Boy, do we see a difference. I wanted to get back into shape and my son wanted to gain weight and improve his track/x-country times.
    Let me first say, this is not a beginner’s level course! As Tony mentioned many times in his videos: work at your own pace, do what you can do, *PAUSE* and take your breaks. The AB Ripper X is not a walk in the park routine either. Be careful of hurting your back on the RIPPER X, listen to TONY!!! Quality over Quantity…build yourself, do what you can do…do your best and forget the rest!

    Good luck to all who completed and those begining their next life!
    Plyometrics and Yoga are two VERY BAD WORDS that will be in your head…The AB Ripper X is filthy… Good Luck my friends!

    Sorry no photos but here are my and my son’s tale of the tape:
    38 yrs old
    Height: 6’4
    Weight: 215 after: 230
    BMI: 19.8% after: 16.1%
    Cholesterol: 190 after: 155
    Bl Press: 141/65 after: 130/55

    16 yrs old
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 130 after: 141
    BMI: 9% after: 7%
    Cholestrol: unkn
    BI Press: unkn

    Thinking Round 2 baby!

  • Travis said:


    Dylan, luckily this workout program will still work great for you. I used to cage fight often, and now regularly do Jiu-Jitsu. I once was skinny and not a lot of fat or muscle. Tony will tell you that most of the workouts you will just want to use more weight and less reps(just the standard with any workout) if you are wanting to gain muscle. The cardio portions of the workouts just ensure you are building lean muscle while improving your overall health.


    Zach, For me I am the same way. I absolutely hate being sore, and it is hard to get motivated to start the workouts. The hardest part is just starting. I promise you this though: Just start a workout do it as best as you can, and repeat that process for about 2 weeks. Once you get in the routine your body adjusts and they become tolerable. I don’t want to say they get easier, but your body is definitely more accustom to the workouts.

  • Craig said:

    I’m 46 and recently completed p90 classic. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. “Do your best & forget the rest”, is one of Tony’s mottos so keep this in mind when attempting to complete the program.
    Do I look different? Not extremely but I was in decent shape to begin with. However, there is a notable change in my muscle tone and my mid-region/core. I also lost 10 – 12 pounds.
    My entire philosophy on exercise has now changed since completing P90x. I currently incorporate p90x at least 2 or 3 nights a week into my workouts. I alternate different workouts but I always include yoga one night per week…..never thought I would participate in yoga….I was wrong for many years!
    If you are thinking about trying p90x and are ready to get serious then it is for you…..”better get your sweat bucket nearby my friend”.

  • Dan Gandee said:

    I have to say that the P90X Workout is the greatest workout program I’ve ever done by far. I’m 46, and a former Marine. It not only has gotten me in the best shape I’ve ever been in, but it keeps me motivated to watch what I eat and really stay fit. Love the program and really like your review. Thanks.

  • Joshee said:

    The program can be very tough, which is why they offer modified moves, and tell you to work at your own pace. As long as you keep doing the best you can, you will continually see improvement throughout the entire program. P90x rocks!

  • Savannah said:

    I never did the entire p90x workout packet or the nutrition plan, but i am 16 yrs old and i LOVE p90x. It is a fantastic workout. Each of the discs are brutal workouts but it makes you feel great after!! i have done each disc many times and have memorized what tony says in them! he’s dommy on it!! i did whichever p90x i felt like doing that day, and when i wanted to really push myself i did plyo. I cannot believe that even after a few days i had arm definition and a smaller tummy. Tony is the greatest motivator and makes me want to be in shape like they are in the video. i would not ever recommend a different workout cd than p90x. i love it. good luck to all those who are trying it! and don’t give up!!

  • Jeff said:

    Right on! Yoga kicked my butt over and over. Plyometrics were tough after a few drinks. Ab Ripper was also insanely hard, but Yoga still takes the cake.
    The rest of the workouts are easy, as long as you follow the instructions, and not your ego. There is nothing wrong with the 10 pound dumbbell in hot pink, if that’s what works.

  • Pat said:

    Hi everyone,

    I am going to try it out this Monday. I wanted to know out of the 3 programs, which one should I do? Also can i do weight watchers? or the 17 day diet? instead of the p90 diet.

  • admin said:


    I would need a bit information before I could give you a good recommendation on which program to use, however I can say that generally the standard p90x routine is what most people do.

    About weight watchers; that diet will probably work alright, however I would highly recommend you follow the p90x diet instead. The p90x diet is specially designed to go along with the intense high calorie burning workouts.

  • Bryant said:

    Great review! It is true that p90x is a very intense, yet effective program. I acheived results beyond my expectations and sooner than I had thought. Just go into this program knowing that in order to acheive the results you want within 90 days, following the nutrition is critical. Most of this program relies on proper nutrition, rather than the workouts. An hour or so is dedicated to your workouts each day, don’t forget about the other 23 hours for eating right. Find me on and friend me on your list. I love to motivate and keep in contact with others. I’m not a coach, just a p90x lover!

  • Macy said:

    In trying to loose weight will it make me loose the weight or just gain muscle?

  • Brian said:

    Just finished 30 days!!! Wow! I do not follow the meal plan, but I was eating healthy before… I eat what works best for me. I just push play every day…. I have seen GOOD results. I can’t wait to see my body change over the next 60 days!!! Stoked! I dropped from a 38 waist to 34. My chest is bigger and my abs are forming. Lost weight but gained it all back plus some. I’m getting stronger and shredding the FAT!

  • arnold said:

    I just purchased the p90x im so excited to start. I use to be very fit but now gain a some pounds and just lost the motivation. Can anyone tell me how the.motivation is in the video?

  • Jesse said:

    I just started 10 days and have already lost 8 lbs and I am so much stronger already. I still cant do all the reps Tony does, but I can feel my fitness level getting stronger. I play hockey and noticed the difference in my quickness and agility as well. I am definitely going to keep this up

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